Olympic pull: what you have to know

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After the Colombia U-23 mens side secured their own ticket to Rio de Janeiro through defeating their USA counterparts within their inter-continental play-off final month, all 28 slots in the Olympic Football Competitions Rio 2016 have been filled. The nations included are surely waiting around with baited breath for that draw, to be held in the Maracana on fourteen April 2016 as well as FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coins  is here to guide you through the nuts and bolts of the draw process.

Aside through hosts Brazil, who’ll take the guide spot in Team A (mens) and Team E (ladies), with the mens teams allocated in to four pots depending on a ranking built based on performances at yesteryear five Olympic Soccer Tournaments. The ranking is weighted to ensure that recent performances play a far more prominent role, along with a bonus is directed at those nations that finished their being approved competition as ls champions.

The 16 sides is going to be drawn into four categories of four (called Groups A-D), and also the pot allocation for that Men’s Olympic Football Tournament is really as follows:

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