A life from the game

A global Cup appearance seemed to date away for the 21-year-old Reza Ghoochannejhad, who threw in the towel football to focus on his studies within the Netherlands. Having grown up in the united kingdom, after his loved ones moved there whenever he was a young child, Ghoochannejhad had spent years within the youth academies associated with Cambuur and Heerenveen, also playing for that Netherlands at youngsters level, but was ready to stop his budding football career to review law. He was coaxed to the game, extremely, by Dutch tale Marc Overmars, who at that time was involved from board level along with Dutch second tier outfit Proceed Eagles.

“I decided to stop football at that time because I thought that another thing was calling me personally, ” Ghoochannejhad stated. “I started studying and before long, Marc Overmars convinced me to return, to continue playing football to mix them each – studying as well as playing. I owe him a great deal. He was prepared to give me plenty of time, to organise my very own training plan together with law school. I’m very grateful for your because after which my career went perfectly. ”

After success with Proceed Eagles and Cambuur, the forward wound up plying his industry in Belgium, exactly where his relationship along with Carlos Queiroz, their “second dad”, started. He was noticed by Queiroz playing within the lowlands, was called up for the very first time in 2012 and ‘Gucci’ hasn’t looked back. Just the opposite, he is currently looking forwards to some potential journey in order to Russia in 2 years’ time.

“We have a large goal that you want to be there within 2018, ” the focused Ghoochannejhad stated. “We have already been unbeaten [in qualifying] to date, so that’s really positive. I am really confident that we will finish the offer [against India and Oman] because we now have a good manger, a great staff and great players. ”

His focus might be on the pitch right now, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coins   but to proceed alongside his off-the-pitch vocabulary, law and violin research, Ghoochannejhad also interacts along with Iran’s fervent following on social networking. When asked about his utilization of Instagram, Facebook as well as Twitter, his reaction is remarkably honest.

“Having those accounts is essential, but I’m not likely to lie, social media is a fake world, ” Ghoochannejhad stated. “It’s something, due to my job, that I must have but it’s not something which my life depends upon. The pages which i made are from respect for the actual supporters. That’s the key reason, to give just a little glimpse into my entire life. ”

With this type of vast array of talents from the pitch, what does the near future – and possibly a post-playing career – seem like for Reza Ghoochannejhad?

“Who understands? ” the striker smiled. “I will certainly resume my research. Maybe not exactly the same subject but some thing, perhaps in company. I have lots of ideas, I don’t know where to start! It’s good, it keeps the mind going and retains you young. People that know me perfectly know that I’m not only a football player. I’d prefer to be more compared to that and that’s my personal goal in existence. ”

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