Juventus vs Barcelona on FIFA 15 – the Digital Champions League final

It’s here! At last! Juventus vs Barcelona. Pirlo  vs Xavi . The Champions League final – the finale of the 2014/15 season!
This year the match takes place in Berlin but to find out who will win on Saturday evening, Tom Edwards and JJ Bull have entered the digital world of Fifa 15 on a Playstation 4.
Throughout the season we have simulated the biggest football games on Fifa and of those battles, JJ (me) has come out on top nearly every time.xdhzhy418
With JJ (me) in charge of Barcelona, surely Xavi would depart European football as a champion yet again. cheap FIFA 15 account doesn’t always go to plan though and Tom had humiliating losses in the Digital FA Cup and Digital Copa del Rey to avenge.
To find out what happens and what will happen in the Champions League final, watch our video.

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