The Champions League semi-final, old friend.

The 2014 / 2015 season in the Champions League semi-finals to their opponents in the 24 day finally. Two years later, Bayern again in the semi-final in Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus in 12 years in this field for a place in the final battle meet on on a narrow path. The four clubs as one of Europe’s top clubs, are very familiar with each other, the semi-final of the season as the dialogue between old friends.

The four teams have repeatedly won the UEFA Champions League, and Bayern, Barcelona and Juventus kept winning three hopes, so whether it is from the history or current state, which can be regarded as the last few seasons since the highest gold content of the Champions League semi-final.

Allegedly, Barcelona club together with the fans are hoping to meet Bayern in the semi-finals, but the draw is that they have got one’s wish “”. In 2013, Basa in the semi-final two leg in Bayern 7:0 “bloodbath”, was the team as the most painful defeat in the Champions League history, so the Basa team hopes to be able to early revenge. From the two sides of the personnel reserve, now is the best time for Barcelona revenge. Bayern reversed earlier in the tournament in Oporto to qualify, but still can’t open the shadow of injury. In addition to Badstuber injured in the season, the long-term absence of Ribery is still hanging mianzhanpai, Robben is coming back from injury, but the long war of “Peter Pan” state geometry also can make nothing of it. On the contrary, the current Barcelona personnel neat, the attack line “MSN” (Messi, Suarez and Neymar) are increasingly combination between the tacit understanding, the two round against Paris Saint Germain, Neymar and Suarez have shown excellent condition, it will also make Bayern Zhongwei feel headache. Another aspect of the game is Guardiola, currently in charge of Bayern’s “Guardiola” once in Barcelona will transfer control of football interpretation to the extreme, and he is also a rookie coach from Nokamp in a step by step to become the world’s top coach, overwhelmed revisit, Guardiola did not know there will be what kind of mood?

Get rid of the “telephone gate” in the shadow of the Juventus finally after 2003 once again reached the semi-finals of the Champions League, coincidentally, the “old lady” on an opponent in the semifinals is real madrid. Piero in the restricted area of magical force to break Casillas’s footsteps at the door, Buffon refused Figo’s penalty kick, Nedved was suspended, Hao shed tears heroes…… 12 years ago the semi-final classic. Now two teams have undergone tremendous changes, only Buffon and Casillas are the witness of the game. Juventus in the four team strength is relatively weak, so many people think that Real Madrid sign drawn, but not necessarily. Real Madrid in the new century after two times in the Champions League and “the Bianconeri” played in the game, all ended in defeat. Last season in two games in the group stage, Juventus in the total score is only a small negative ball. Even if Real Madrid occupy the advantage in the paper strength, but in the face of “old lady”, “the Milky Way battleship” is not a psychological advantage. In addition, Juventus won the Scudetto is a foregone conclusion, but also for Real Madrid ranked second in the Spanish League distraction, which will become the factors that hinder its defending on the road。yajuan030809

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