“FIFA15″ evaluation


Every year at this season as a fan I could  not excited, right. It is because of this time of year the football game “FIFA” series will be offering the latest it, of course, this year is no exception, EA “fifa” series of articles this year’s new work “FIFA15″ came to our side, as compared to last year and have new breakthrough, the use of game development the use of “UFC” in the EA lgnite engine, the picture in the real innovation, player details, action has made obvious progress, this progress like this looks more real, so let us have a look the “FIFA15″ what are the progress bar.

The picture & sound:

Then we’ll start from the picture, just in the preface I have mentioned,it is my first time to use   engine development.so on the screen or progress obviously,It’s  facial details are in place, the player’s beard is clearly visible, facial expression is varied. Hair do is in place and there are many kinds of hair, or with the movement of the body and the swinging in the wind. Said so much good, but this is not that perfect, although most players do is very real, but also do not see who is, for example, the AC Milan player Matt, because I was a fan of Milan and so on Milan players can observe more carefully, from 14 of the time motley in the game is completely not see who is 15 years, to continue to be “reserved”. Had it not been for the name I think most of game player will not see the original is motley.

Then the player faces depicted, then talk about something else. “FIFA15″ in the course of the characterization of the as in the past, the Stadium turf modeling more real, more real grand. Effects of light and shadow rendering is based on an improved on, such as the impact on the edge of the pitch during the day because of a heavy shadow produced, I have also been strengthened. In the many small details also do very well, for example, players will leave traces of sliding tackles made very clear slide action on the lawn. After the players fell to the ground and can clearly see the player shirt smeared with mud. Players in the game player and pulling each other when you can clearly see the shirt pulled way, the corner flag will sway in the wind, hit the door frame or beam, the goal will be due to impact of have a little shake. Another point to highlight is the players after the player’s height is finally no longer a horizontal line, game player can see height and stature of the gap between the players know this, after a really great. Although this is some small details but can let the game player to feel this in the picture on the progress. But there is a small problem I observed, that is when the ball flew out of line will disappear, this may be because the pitch angle but always seems to have some strange.

Then we’ll talk about the picture, sound rendering, custom behavior means that the crowd is based on specific club and national production. A lot of the club and the national team of the sound is completely different. If the game player who can hear the fans wholeheartedly for the game player who cheers in the home court, the cheers of fans crazy goal after goal just miss the person or opportunity, and football fans will utter a sigh will encourage applause given shot players. These are made in the game player can feel. Of course, if the game player is away from home, the terror of atmosphere is the away game player can feel the ball after the game player, the fans will be sent bursts of boos, like be personally on the scene in general.

Operation & interface:

Operation with a compared difference is not particularly large, the biggest point should be shot. But in fact, should not be said to be shot operation feel are different but the keeper of the AI is very high. Many conventional shot by goalkeeper saved. Of course, the 45 degree angle on a shot is still exists. In the game player fast dribbling players face down when the high-speed motion and can effectively control the ball. The operation under good circumstances will the player’s actions more rich, unloaded the ball in the ball or the player will make different tricks, this looks more be good to hear or see. The pace is not fast nor slow well, play very real. But the speed of the players are too powerful, fast players make breakthrough change very easily, which makes the defense more effort. Of course, this is why the Internet more than 90% in one of the reasons for the use of real madrid.

The system interface and the difference was not significant, played on a game player can easily get started. The tactics screen players take on an altogether new aspect, the ability to use the “early” live football series of polygonal form, looks more convenient and intuitive, the tactics screen also uses the simple style, stick out a mile. This makes a lot of tactics are not proficient in the game player can easily become a master tactician.


I will be divided into several points on the system for everyone to explain. The first point to talk about the first trophy, this should be a lot of fans with the trophy fans concern. The trophy and made some changes, but the difficulty of personal feeling at the same level, is not difficult but need some luck. Such as playing a non rotating goal in the 30 metres, the cup that I personally tried many times, not only need the trophy game player skills also need to make a precise selection of the football players. And the award of a cup or a lot of UT mode and the trophy, the trophy is not only the need to game player with strong technology also requires a lot of patience.

The second point is the UT model and network warfare, put the two together is because UT model is the need of network. Model UT to continue to play a very important role in the. Have a strong team in the 14 game player before the course in the UT mode or the need to “start from zero” a little bit. Of course, game player can choose UT mode or “krypton gold” or through a game to earn in-game money to run his own team. The overall interface UT model and makes little difference, good use. Just as many trophies I mentioned above are related to UT model so want to achievement or platinum game player is certainly can not play UT mode. UT mode has been connected to the network that is most game player are aware of this, last year I in the play UT mode and CPU against frequent occurrence dropped the case, whether it is in the game has just begun or dropped towards the end of the match you need to play a game, the problem in the the UT model has been improved, worthy of praise. But in the network friendly friends network is not very ideal, small home for 20M optical fiber at 8 in the evening around with friends to the war, the game experience is not very good, although not dropped, but Caton still frequent phenomenon.


Based on the  118114hp2FIFA 15 Coins in the generation of the once again sublimation. The picture is more real, true to life likeness characters, a small detail is in place. Good atmosphere, let a person have the feeling of be personally on the scene.  players have not a small improvement, especially in the goalkeeper. UT mode is still fun. I really  feel  that the EA has improved a lot about  great the FIFA15 game, as the game player, I am  very happy.I can’t wait for FIFA16.yajuan030809


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