FIFA16 Messi fifth consecutive data pressing C Ronaldo

EA produced by the professional football game fifa, the next generation game “FIFA16″ will be the spokesman of the Barcelona star Messi.

The 2014-2015 season ended, and faithful are FIFA game game player, also became more and more looking forward to the next version of the game data and rating information. The game is released a few months time, but the South American website MDZ has claimed, “FIFA16 spokesman for” featuring the Argentina star Messi will still be.

For this, Messi is still the highest, the total score will be “FIFA15″ 93 liters to 94. The Golden Globe winner C Ronaldo still to score 93 points in the second row. In addition, the Brazil star Neymar score will be increased from 86 to 88.

From “FIFA13″ to start, this is the fourth time Messi served as a FIFA game, the score is fifth consecutive C Ronaldo beat.yajuan030809

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The Spanish Messi Su god 2 ball Neymar Harvey broke the Barcelona 6-0 rout

2014/15 La Liga season thirty-fourth round of focus of a battle in Nokamp started, before the 33 round 26 wins 3 flat 4 negative 81 points at the top of the home court against the former Barcelona Getafe, 33 round 10 wins 6 flat 17 negative 36 points ranked thirteenth. In this game, Messi scored twice and Suarez all alone, Neymar, Harvey each into 1 balls, the final 6-0 win over Getafe Barcelona home court. The game finished, Barcelona 84 points to lead the plot, this is not a game for Real Madrid, Barcelona lead expanded to 5 points.

Both sides of the League against the history of 21 games, Barcelona 14 wins 5 flat 2 negative advantage, home court record is 7 wins, 4 unbeaten. This season the League first round showdown, the two teams had in Alfonso Peres’s 0-0 draw with Barcelona, the impact of 9 consecutive failed. Terms of personnel, in addition to Barcelona goalkeeper and striker position is not adjusted, the other basic position of substantial rotation, as captain Harvey as the first. Compared with the previous game rotation Getafe 6 starters. Before starting, the scene to died a year ago Barcelona coach Vilanova.

Fourth minutes, Harvey hanging to the right, Alves on the right side of the area after continuous shaking the left foot low shot, the ball confiscated goalkeeper ancient eta. Sixth minutes, Messi left the bottom line to knock, Alves seems like shooting across the front, Suarez and Rafinha could not finish shooting goal. Eighth minutes, baltra Zhise, Suarez ball and Arroyo was tripped, the referee penalty. Ninth minutes, Messi surgeon kick kick out a record a penalty, he played to the road, on the right side of ancient ETA, the ball slowly flew into the back of the net, 1-0, Barcelona do get ideal start.

Fourteenth minutes, Harvey out on the right corner, rafinha road header slightly higher. Fifteenth minutes, Bravo attack timing error, Baba Bravo hanging door, back up and the ball is in the high speed network before the left single palm, Barcelona escaped. Seventeenth minutes, Baba close shot, Bravo will press the ball in the body. Twentieth minutes, Alves pass, Messi left foot volley in wide angle. Twenty-second minutes, Harvey out on the right corner, before the point of baltra attempted header. Twenty-third minutes, Suarez restricted line rub shot is insufficient, the ETA ball confiscated.

Twenty-fourth minutes, Pedro – Leon points out on the right corner, Velazquez header wide. Twenty-fifth minutes, Messi right foot ball hanging into the box, Suarez does not stop directly turn and volley fire nets, 2-0, Barcelona to expand the lead. Twenty-eighth minutes, Suarez front Fanqiang the ball after Neymar left, Velazquez then buckle his right foot tuishe scoring the last corner, 3-0, MSN this season in all competitions scored 100 goals. Thirtieth minutes, Neymar Wang left out, Harvey restricted area before the right foot shot shot, hanging the ball into the far corner, 4-0. Thirty-sixth minutes, Busquets left foot shot was blocked.

Fortieth minutes, Messi left the ball inside to Neymar, the latter a knock, Messi after the ball to the closed road, Harvey put the ball along the side of the rear to Suarez, Uruguay people do not stop directly from the right foot tuishe, the ball went straight to the remote corner, 5-0. Forty-third minutes, Messi in the restricted area of the ball, Adriano left the high-speed plug left foot hushe. No first half stoppage time, 45 minutes before the finish, Barcelona back to the locker room with a 5-0 advantage, Suarez left at the stands and waved.

Both sides easy side battles the second half, Barcelona Sergi replaced Roberto Busquets, the visiting team no adjustments. Forty-seventh minutes, Suarez restricted area before the pick, Messi restricted the right ball no implementation of rob, Messi calmly left foot rubbing radio yuanjiao break, 6-0. Fifty-ninth minutes, Pedro replaced Harvey, the scene of more than 6 fans to give Harvey the applause. Sixty-sixth minutes, Neymar left the restricted area shot was blocked, the ball deflected, Suarez points after not stopping direct left foot fire hit fly. Sixty-eighth minutes, Montoya replaced Alves. Sixty-ninth minutes, Messi restricted area before the extraordinary row, Suarez brought the ball up is not the first time to complete the door. Seventieth minutes, Suarez outside the right foot cold shot, the ball confiscated eta.

Seventy-first minutes, Inestrosa left the restricted area small angle shot, the ball hit the remote column. Seventy-second minutes, Messi left the restricted area of the small angle of left foot volley, ancient ETA denied the ball with their feet. Seventy-fifth minutes, Messi and Suarez in the frontcourt consecutive passes, Messi was hit by Velazquez on the edge of the area, the referee did not foul, with Messi behind a smile to the referee. Eighty-third minutes, Messi restricted area before the free kick to shoot at the corner, the ancient flying saved eta. Eighty-fourth minutes, Sergi right pass Roberto, bartra header, the ball confiscated eta. The final stage of the score failed to rewrite, the final 6-0 win over Getafe Barcelona home court.

Basa (4-3-3): 13- Bravo /22- Alves (68 ‘Montoya 2-), 15-, 24-, 21- Mathieu baltra Adriano /5- Busquets (46′ – 20- Sergi Roberto), 12-, 6- (59 ‘rafinha Harvey 7- Pedro) /10- Messi, 9- Suarez, Neymar 11-

Getafe (4-5-1): 25- /3-, 2- Alexis guaita Lago 4-, Velazquez 12-, Arroyo /22- Rodriguez (64 ‘Philip 36-), 32-, 23-, 8- of Amy Inestrosa, Pedro – Leon (CEN 14- 75′ 18- Escudero /15- (49) Baba ’26- Ai Wei)。yajuan030809

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The Champions League semi-final, old friend.

The 2014 / 2015 season in the Champions League semi-finals to their opponents in the 24 day finally. Two years later, Bayern again in the semi-final in Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus in 12 years in this field for a place in the final battle meet on on a narrow path. The four clubs as one of Europe’s top clubs, are very familiar with each other, the semi-final of the season as the dialogue between old friends.

The four teams have repeatedly won the UEFA Champions League, and Bayern, Barcelona and Juventus kept winning three hopes, so whether it is from the history or current state, which can be regarded as the last few seasons since the highest gold content of the Champions League semi-final.

Allegedly, Barcelona club together with the fans are hoping to meet Bayern in the semi-finals, but the draw is that they have got one’s wish “”. In 2013, Basa in the semi-final two leg in Bayern 7:0 “bloodbath”, was the team as the most painful defeat in the Champions League history, so the Basa team hopes to be able to early revenge. From the two sides of the personnel reserve, now is the best time for Barcelona revenge. Bayern reversed earlier in the tournament in Oporto to qualify, but still can’t open the shadow of injury. In addition to Badstuber injured in the season, the long-term absence of Ribery is still hanging mianzhanpai, Robben is coming back from injury, but the long war of “Peter Pan” state geometry also can make nothing of it. On the contrary, the current Barcelona personnel neat, the attack line “MSN” (Messi, Suarez and Neymar) are increasingly combination between the tacit understanding, the two round against Paris Saint Germain, Neymar and Suarez have shown excellent condition, it will also make Bayern Zhongwei feel headache. Another aspect of the game is Guardiola, currently in charge of Bayern’s “Guardiola” once in Barcelona will transfer control of football interpretation to the extreme, and he is also a rookie coach from Nokamp in a step by step to become the world’s top coach, overwhelmed revisit, Guardiola did not know there will be what kind of mood?

Get rid of the “telephone gate” in the shadow of the Juventus finally after 2003 once again reached the semi-finals of the Champions League, coincidentally, the “old lady” on an opponent in the semifinals is real madrid. Piero in the restricted area of magical force to break Casillas’s footsteps at the door, Buffon refused Figo’s penalty kick, Nedved was suspended, Hao shed tears heroes…… 12 years ago the semi-final classic. Now two teams have undergone tremendous changes, only Buffon and Casillas are the witness of the game. Juventus in the four team strength is relatively weak, so many people think that Real Madrid sign drawn, but not necessarily. Real Madrid in the new century after two times in the Champions League and “the Bianconeri” played in the game, all ended in defeat. Last season in two games in the group stage, Juventus in the total score is only a small negative ball. Even if Real Madrid occupy the advantage in the paper strength, but in the face of “old lady”, “the Milky Way battleship” is not a psychological advantage. In addition, Juventus won the Scudetto is a foregone conclusion, but also for Real Madrid ranked second in the Spanish League distraction, which will become the factors that hinder its defending on the road。yajuan030809

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“FIFA15″ evaluation


Every year at this season as a fan I could  not excited, right. It is because of this time of year the football game “FIFA” series will be offering the latest it, of course, this year is no exception, EA “fifa” series of articles this year’s new work “FIFA15″ came to our side, as compared to last year and have new breakthrough, the use of game development the use of “UFC” in the EA lgnite engine, the picture in the real innovation, player details, action has made obvious progress, this progress like this looks more real, so let us have a look the “FIFA15″ what are the progress bar.

The picture & sound:

Then we’ll start from the picture, just in the preface I have mentioned,it is my first time to use   engine on the screen or progress obviously,It’s  facial details are in place, the player’s beard is clearly visible, facial expression is varied. Hair do is in place and there are many kinds of hair, or with the movement of the body and the swinging in the wind. Said so much good, but this is not that perfect, although most players do is very real, but also do not see who is, for example, the AC Milan player Matt, because I was a fan of Milan and so on Milan players can observe more carefully, from 14 of the time motley in the game is completely not see who is 15 years, to continue to be “reserved”. Had it not been for the name I think most of game player will not see the original is motley.

Then the player faces depicted, then talk about something else. “FIFA15″ in the course of the characterization of the as in the past, the Stadium turf modeling more real, more real grand. Effects of light and shadow rendering is based on an improved on, such as the impact on the edge of the pitch during the day because of a heavy shadow produced, I have also been strengthened. In the many small details also do very well, for example, players will leave traces of sliding tackles made very clear slide action on the lawn. After the players fell to the ground and can clearly see the player shirt smeared with mud. Players in the game player and pulling each other when you can clearly see the shirt pulled way, the corner flag will sway in the wind, hit the door frame or beam, the goal will be due to impact of have a little shake. Another point to highlight is the players after the player’s height is finally no longer a horizontal line, game player can see height and stature of the gap between the players know this, after a really great. Although this is some small details but can let the game player to feel this in the picture on the progress. But there is a small problem I observed, that is when the ball flew out of line will disappear, this may be because the pitch angle but always seems to have some strange.

Then we’ll talk about the picture, sound rendering, custom behavior means that the crowd is based on specific club and national production. A lot of the club and the national team of the sound is completely different. If the game player who can hear the fans wholeheartedly for the game player who cheers in the home court, the cheers of fans crazy goal after goal just miss the person or opportunity, and football fans will utter a sigh will encourage applause given shot players. These are made in the game player can feel. Of course, if the game player is away from home, the terror of atmosphere is the away game player can feel the ball after the game player, the fans will be sent bursts of boos, like be personally on the scene in general.

Operation & interface:

Operation with a compared difference is not particularly large, the biggest point should be shot. But in fact, should not be said to be shot operation feel are different but the keeper of the AI is very high. Many conventional shot by goalkeeper saved. Of course, the 45 degree angle on a shot is still exists. In the game player fast dribbling players face down when the high-speed motion and can effectively control the ball. The operation under good circumstances will the player’s actions more rich, unloaded the ball in the ball or the player will make different tricks, this looks more be good to hear or see. The pace is not fast nor slow well, play very real. But the speed of the players are too powerful, fast players make breakthrough change very easily, which makes the defense more effort. Of course, this is why the Internet more than 90% in one of the reasons for the use of real madrid.

The system interface and the difference was not significant, played on a game player can easily get started. The tactics screen players take on an altogether new aspect, the ability to use the “early” live football series of polygonal form, looks more convenient and intuitive, the tactics screen also uses the simple style, stick out a mile. This makes a lot of tactics are not proficient in the game player can easily become a master tactician.


I will be divided into several points on the system for everyone to explain. The first point to talk about the first trophy, this should be a lot of fans with the trophy fans concern. The trophy and made some changes, but the difficulty of personal feeling at the same level, is not difficult but need some luck. Such as playing a non rotating goal in the 30 metres, the cup that I personally tried many times, not only need the trophy game player skills also need to make a precise selection of the football players. And the award of a cup or a lot of UT mode and the trophy, the trophy is not only the need to game player with strong technology also requires a lot of patience.

The second point is the UT model and network warfare, put the two together is because UT model is the need of network. Model UT to continue to play a very important role in the. Have a strong team in the 14 game player before the course in the UT mode or the need to “start from zero” a little bit. Of course, game player can choose UT mode or “krypton gold” or through a game to earn in-game money to run his own team. The overall interface UT model and makes little difference, good use. Just as many trophies I mentioned above are related to UT model so want to achievement or platinum game player is certainly can not play UT mode. UT mode has been connected to the network that is most game player are aware of this, last year I in the play UT mode and CPU against frequent occurrence dropped the case, whether it is in the game has just begun or dropped towards the end of the match you need to play a game, the problem in the the UT model has been improved, worthy of praise. But in the network friendly friends network is not very ideal, small home for 20M optical fiber at 8 in the evening around with friends to the war, the game experience is not very good, although not dropped, but Caton still frequent phenomenon.


Based on the  118114hp2FIFA 15 Coins in the generation of the once again sublimation. The picture is more real, true to life likeness characters, a small detail is in place. Good atmosphere, let a person have the feeling of be personally on the scene.  players have not a small improvement, especially in the goalkeeper. UT mode is still fun. I really  feel  that the EA has improved a lot about  great the FIFA15 game, as the game player, I am  very happy.I can’t wait for FIFA16.yajuan030809