Game affect your life

Last night, I saw a presentation from the TED. I was there a compelling speech about why the game attracts. To be honest, I was a little less play the game. But why I would be attracted to this lecture about the game out? This should be from my brother. My brother is a special fat just twenty-two boys, his career as a cook. Normally, he rarely went out, except to go to work, he is faced with more time to his large screen of a computer. I actually really disgusted with him, he gave me the impression that he is not what motivated each day just playing games.
Sometimes, I really want to try to persuade him to give up the game, go out to play or love. Finally, I found that I failed, he did not understand me. He thinks I’m interfering in his life. However, our relationship has become increasingly worse. We can not become normal exchange between the. I think the biggest problem is the game between us. So, then I gradually had a curiosity for the game.
So when I saw the TED lecture about the game, I did not hesitate to broadcast. The speaker is Tom Chatfield, he thinks about games — what we want from them, what we get from them, and how we might use our hard-wired desire for a gamer’s reward to change the way we learn.And we spend much money and time on the game . These are because of what? As Tom Chatfield demonstrates, the game is perfectly brain becomes mobilized to participate in activities, prompted us to maintain the momentum of continuous exploration
Read this, at least not in my game where to buy extreme, at least the game for people who are not all harmful. Think of my brother, and I understand him more and more. He can be the face of this cold is not willing to come out of the computer to communicate with others. Possible, the game gave him a sense of security in the world, to give him curiosity. Because my brother is a shape quite fat, not tall boy, and his talkative. Comparison of the virtual world so that he is not for these troubles, for these shortcomings and painful. Tom said, the game world is very simple, he was just a simple theory to exercise your brain. Seven simple ways to reward your brain, so you are willing to spend more time and money just to get satisfied.


For the game, I can not say that in the end it is good or bad, you can only say what kind of attitude to look at it. Your positive attitude towards it, for example, play games occasionally make their way to use it to exercise the brain, I can not deny its positive role, because it does have a good influence. If you use a negative attitude towards it, I just started to treat me like a brother, like, if I think that the game is extreme hurt my brother, then it is hurting him, but also hurt the feelings between me and my brother. So everything that is how you go look at it.
Today, my brother let me accompany him to play the game, he said, is very simple, is particularly fun. I am happy to agree, because almost two years, and he did not take the initiative to find the words I said, so I am particularly happy that moment, I promised him。FIFA Ultimate Team Coins ,he gave me this and I try my best to enter this site and want to learn this game because of my brother .glorial02555

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