Anticipated the FIFA golden ball 3 candidates



Cheap Fifa Coins in Zurich, Switzerland, released 2014 annual FIFA final list three golden globes, cristiano ronaldo, messi and neuer’s list, the winners will be announced on January 12, 2015. Cristiano ronaldo to help real Madrid to win the champions league this year history, 10 at a record 17, at the same time, the Spanish copa helped real Madrid to win. Cristiano ronaldo was at the World Cup victory over Sweden and Portugal in the World Cup.


This season, ronaldo has 24 goals in all competitions, including the scored 20 goals in 12 games in la liga, assists and eight assists, and leading in the competition. Messi also do well, this year, in the first two games, continuous to complete the “hat trick”, history of la liga and the champions league double shooter. Brazil’s World Cup finals, messi LED Argentina in 24 years.


2014 and neuer harvest year. In the play, neuer help the team win the bundesliga bayern Munich and German cup champion, more important is he help Germany once again become a World Cup, 24 years in seven games lost only four goals, the honor of best goalkeeper to win the World Cup. Original 2010 golden globes and the official FIFA world footballer of the year this year golden FIFA before merger, cristiano ronaldo and messi won once, each messi won three times after the merger, is this year’s winner cristiano ronaldo.


Neuer has won the highest honor in the international arena. Perhaps the prize, cristiano ronaldo and Lionel messi in the past have fatigue, so some international football, including the uefa President michel platini, someone said publicly that the germans won this year’s golden globes. FIFA President sepp blatter, even messi is not worth in the Brazilian World Cup this summer, should be awarded to the German goalkeeper el. glorial02555

Real Madrid fans were attacked



From today’s news we have seen some of the things that make us unhappy, earlier in the day, three fans caused by events in real Madrid sports city. The processing of club announced that it is as follows:


1. Real Madrid players have identified a positive state of fans, one of which is a member of real Madrid.


2. Member of the disciplinary commission information has been submitted to the club. Because of the severe cases, the club have applied immediately cancel membership.


3. This afternoon, the club’s disciplinary committee has held an emergency meeting. It was decided to discipline members to investigate and suspend the rights of all its members, including shall have the right to use the club facilities into the bernabeu stadium.


4. Three have been reported in the local real Madrid against violence related work is responsible for the identity of the national committee, will be punished.


5. Real Madrid three three reserves the right to take further legal action.

Hope this matter will be dealt with as soon as possible, so that to protect the safety of the fans.glorial02555

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Balotelli’s evaluation



Mario balotelli back to Italy and damage evaluation of mixed dumb Liverpool striker is ready to end the appearance of the next week he was forced into exile opponents Croatia to 2016 euros. Because they come from Brazil World Cup first round exit balotelli did not attend in Italy, until Sunday, he was called to the first three group h of the new Italian boss conte qualifier liuzaishenbian.


Striker, 24, is no stranger to controversy, spent two and a half years of detailed records, in the English premier league Manchester city, where he missed 11 games with the club’s home court, they decided to good, after two weeks’ wages, his record of disciplinary action. Return to Italy in January 2013 ill-fated spell with AC milan after 18 months, balotelli signed this summer liverool, because there is no spark and ridicule, to make matters worse, not in the league goals.


The earl decided to cause a lot of observers scratching his head feel suspicious. “Mario balotelli so-called because lorenzo because Italy” western damage Francisco said,? DE? Luca, chief editor of Kim jong il tamar cupertino hotel, talk shows Kim processor lunedi football.


“He found that, from the beginning is difficult, but conti chose him. In the coach’s defense, you have to say, we’re not top striker.” Either in court or outside, Mario balotelli, proposes the debate almost every piece of furniture sector, he did. From the UK on Tuesday reported that balotelli was at a London nightclub party, until 4:30 arjun. Liverpool beat Chelsea 2-1 below, in the game, Mario balotelli is significantly lower than face value.


A few weeks ago, he was laughed at by fans merciless British tabloid, he swap shirts with real Madrid player pepe, because they are in at half-time. Liverpool’s 3-0 lost the game, Mario balotelli replaced the half of the time. The Liverpool manager, Rogers said he would “event processing,” the former Liverpool great jamie carragher: “I was surprised to see him here next season, if I’m honest.”

May god bless him, once again, looking forward to his return.glorial02555

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Cristiano ronaldo wants to win the FIFA golden ball



According to the news, newspapers, the Internet, a few days ago, the Portuguese star cristiano ronaldo domestic media interview, attitude made it clear that the individual desire for the third golden globe, he was satisfied with his present condition, at the same time also very confident. Ronaldo and his present state, very satisfied, he said, “my goal is always the best in the world, nearly 6 to 7 years, I have done. Is the most difficult year keep in peak, but I didn’t. The data prove everything, this, I don’t worry about it.”


In the next visit, ronaldo, formal talk of desire, the golden globes “, who cast the votes of each national team coach and captain, they had time to think and decide who is the best football people. I don’t worry, as long as your work, I’m not a hypocrite, of course, my third golden globe, that doesn’t depend on me, I will try my best to do your best, let’s see the assessment results in January.”


When he talked about the secret of his success, cristiano ronaldo, “practice and hard work is the key to success for both club and country of I, I always want to learn more and improve my game. I was a great moment of his career, people ask me, the highlight of the year, every year, this is my career I have always said: let’s wait and see, only by the end of the year, we can judge.”


Cristiano ronaldo is at the end of the interview, when it comes to the goal of this season, “at the beginning of the season, I have to score more than in the past the beginning of a beautiful, but I can’t meet, because I am always hungry for more. There is still a long season, the league and the champions league and national team. My secret is a good preparation, at a higher level.”


“I this year than last year, now is more and more difficult, because the data has been on the rise, but I am a man loves a challenge, and I hope my body to the limit, and see what I can do, hope this year,” my personal and team will get good grades. Ronaldo added.

We are very happy, our idols can have such a goal, we wish his dream come true, and we also will cheer for his victory. Come on. glorial02555

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The FIFA 15 team give some surprises for fans

There are millions of game player, are enjoying this FIFA15 bring different feeling. The final team out as EA sports franchise in the most popular model. This year FIFA 15 ultimate team brings the model, to a whole new level and characteristics of new, including the concept of team, friendly season etc.. Game player can go to a cheap FIFA ultimate team coin professional and reliable coin seller online now. The idea behind the team players can expect to win the team. The concept of death squads out as a powerful new lineup planning tool, makes the game player plans to the entire FUT directory future team game player. Game player needs to use the concept of team to decide to buy the market the next step, find out the replacement players and the investigation of the chemical mix different. There is a seasonal pattern of friendly new friendly season, let the game player in the face of friends in season format favored believers version of the 1V1, and it is the trace statistics. This is the season was the defending champion to overcome the existing position, did not appear to be associated with its bragging rights. Game player can buy FIFA ultimate team 15 coins to prevail FIFA 15 ultimate team at the online store. Loan players inFIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins, game player is able to put the trial and some of the most highly worship in the game right. This is their signing on loan club. This is signed a series of game game player, and the application of the term of the contract they are wise and loans is how to return a responsibility, to overcome a big tournament finals. This is a season champion won important victories. Game player can go to the FUT 15 coins in the online shop arrangement and make the final FIFA 15 team project better players. Many legends appeared in Xbox it is the realization of great and former football star legend and current time on the court. This is the exploration of the new legend is in 41 appeared from the last Xbox A and Xbox 360 which is prepared with soccer stars, including Alan Hiller, Robert Carlos, Schmeichel and Bobby Moore play. This is the team’s players often dreamed of options.glorial0255510-Essential-Tips-All-New-FIFA15-Players-Need-to-Know-31

FIFA15 brings a series of content, let the game player who feel the new experience is not the same.

New problems faced by FIFA15

For some loyal FIFA15 fans, they are facing some problems, which largely stopped their progress space. For example, the following issues.

The concept of contingent consideration

The group is considering how to conquer. Concept of team as a powerful new lineup planning tool, allowing players to put together by each player is available in the FIFA ultimate team. It is to use the concept of team plan from the player’s next action. It is to find replacement players. It is the biochemical measure of a new midfielder. Otherwise, it is considered a new squad before the transfer market consumption. Players can buy FUT coin cheap to buy players do a dream FIFA 15 ultimate team.

Through a friend to keep score

The new model makes the player to avoid friendly four player’s good friend, in favor of the devotees season format 1V1, it is the trace statistics to deal with them. It is to overcome the season to achieve holding position in the current champion. You’ll find out bragging rights shows it. Players can buy FUT cash to obtain the cheapest and most important players, including with the times and soccer star when the legendary football player project.

Loan players

In FIFA fifteen we flagship group manager, game player is able to immediately test some of the most extreme favorite players in the game. It was signed on loan by the club finish. This is the loan signing of players set amount and the application of these wise and loan contract period, they played a great game last. In addition, there is also a decisive victory to win the season name. Game player can buy the cheapest FUT coins closest to the online game houses make a wish FIFA fifteen flagship group manager manager.

On the basis of the player, the player the team the way

FIFA ultimate team arrived in as their soccer team recently things. There are 12000 game player from because there are possibility for development team to select the world without end. A decision on the trail. The player can call the actual shooting and found to stay. Some people are moved. It’s personal, once the player to overcome or lose, because it is the player has produced a team. Players can now online game store to buy the cheapest FUT coins.

Better chemical reaction, and the broader goals of test time we consider

It is a success, this is not the best player, but keep the players both precise message. Members of the same qualifications, nationality, coordinate position players the game was to help build the ultimate team. Coupled with the strong chemistry, the game is to find the best result ever pass and has a space target forms of epoch-making significance.

Continuity and real world

FIFA ultimate group reflect the real life football. To perform very well, in the life of the players are often in the form of objects represented in the game. It is from these stars and enhanced team player.

FIFA 15 cash, Google Android, game player can enjoy FIFA 15 Google android with taste.

This is the feeling of more than 10000 of the authenticity of the game player with more than 500 licensed teams. Compared with the 30 teams have more. It is the World Cup soccer star dream team, and placed it in the rest. Its selection and execution style, development, and the game player kit. Game player can buy FIFA 15 gold coins were now to Android at the cost of online game store the most affordable.

This is to create a football player dream team, and all the people towards the rest. The distance of the Premier League, multiple listing service, Rakawa and the Bundesliga etc.. This is the pleasure of the football game player always go there in the game player and Google Play stores the most realistic football movement. This is achieved, trade, and collecting the actual stars including Messi and Eden hazard, so that the participants myth team. It is the management of the fast mode to test the new. It is based on the game player team. It’s the start of competition and demonstration. It is the intelligence of Submarine Tactical team of judges, pinch and work way. Complete treatment participants skills together with the ability of chemical the player game results depend on the participants. The truth of it is taken to a higher level. Players can now select FIFA fifteen coins on the Android store.

It is the application of the traditional orientation. Now it is a new initiative, through functional. Alternatively, it is the choice with a few buttons and informal control. Players can use two times the lever, make tactical dribble into can be close to the path of the ball. In addition, when the player does have an external controller. It won’t miss use it to pitch the first option. This is the next fixture experience favored team. It appeared in the world in three major clash. Fifteen coins to FIFA 15 Coins Android now online.

Find the FIFA fifteen ultimate team 1.Two.1 APK Android

The expert consultants FIFA fifteen ultimate team sports development, it is more than 500 teams from more than 101000 players characterization. If the game player is new to FIFA, mobile, control inadvertently need a trial. It is fashionable, simple buttons, including take-off, passing, or sprint. One time, game player is actually comfortable. It with the idea of transferring to the traditional control which makes the players through the pass supplement. In addition, the skills from a player’s video game library. In addition, the player can direct communication with the team. It is the players ball card leading transfer to the Internet use. In addition, if the player with an external control, the first option will not miss the application of it on the golf course.

For the game player, these problems are likely to affect their further improvement. So we should try to avoid the trouble, don’t these trouble stop our passion in the course of footsteps.glorial02555

Game affect your life

Last night, I saw a presentation from the TED. I was there a compelling speech about why the game attracts. To be honest, I was a little less play the game. But why I would be attracted to this lecture about the game out? This should be from my brother. My brother is a special fat just twenty-two boys, his career as a cook. Normally, he rarely went out, except to go to work, he is faced with more time to his large screen of a computer. I actually really disgusted with him, he gave me the impression that he is not what motivated each day just playing games.
Sometimes, I really want to try to persuade him to give up the game, go out to play or love. Finally, I found that I failed, he did not understand me. He thinks I’m interfering in his life. However, our relationship has become increasingly worse. We can not become normal exchange between the. I think the biggest problem is the game between us. So, then I gradually had a curiosity for the game.
So when I saw the TED lecture about the game, I did not hesitate to broadcast. The speaker is Tom Chatfield, he thinks about games — what we want from them, what we get from them, and how we might use our hard-wired desire for a gamer’s reward to change the way we learn.And we spend much money and time on the game . These are because of what? As Tom Chatfield demonstrates, the game is perfectly brain becomes mobilized to participate in activities, prompted us to maintain the momentum of continuous exploration
Read this, at least not in my game where to buy extreme, at least the game for people who are not all harmful. Think of my brother, and I understand him more and more. He can be the face of this cold is not willing to come out of the computer to communicate with others. Possible, the game gave him a sense of security in the world, to give him curiosity. Because my brother is a shape quite fat, not tall boy, and his talkative. Comparison of the virtual world so that he is not for these troubles, for these shortcomings and painful. Tom said, the game world is very simple, he was just a simple theory to exercise your brain. Seven simple ways to reward your brain, so you are willing to spend more time and money just to get satisfied.


For the game, I can not say that in the end it is good or bad, you can only say what kind of attitude to look at it. Your positive attitude towards it, for example, play games occasionally make their way to use it to exercise the brain, I can not deny its positive role, because it does have a good influence. If you use a negative attitude towards it, I just started to treat me like a brother, like, if I think that the game is extreme hurt my brother, then it is hurting him, but also hurt the feelings between me and my brother. So everything that is how you go look at it.
Today, my brother let me accompany him to play the game, he said, is very simple, is particularly fun. I am happy to agree, because almost two years, and he did not take the initiative to find the words I said, so I am particularly happy that moment, I promised him。FIFA Ultimate Team Coins ,he gave me this and I try my best to enter this site and want to learn this game because of my brother .glorial02555