Ivorian war victory forget to bring the gift of peace is football


       Independent of honor, has nothing to do with scoring star has nothing to do with the trophies of victory. The best gift ofCheap Fifa Coins has brought us is definitely not these things, if held late last year at the Nou Camp and Barcelona Israel and the Palestinian wing of friendlies too deliberate, then, at the 2006 African Cup of Nations, football the most sincere attitude to show us its greatest gift: peace.
Since 2002 the rebels attempted a coup, Cote d’Ivoire has been split into actually two parts: the northern southern rebels control the army control, there are still 1.1 million international peacekeepers stationed in the rich ivory kingdom. In the evening of February 4, when the Ivorian national team broke into the African Nations Cup quarter-finals this year, whether it is on the south or north, the streets are packed with people celebrating.People shots, but this time not for war, but to celebrate.
In the southern city of Aerbaidan, pedestrians and slow moving car dance together. “This is really too great.” Olivier still in school said, “We have not beaten Cameroon for many years, but now we finally won.”
“Before the start of the African Nations Cup, in my bar, people talk about either where where the war took place, either where where the epidemic broke out.” Bou young bar owner who said, “but in Africa After the Cup began, everyone has only one topic: the national team is the only football can make the Ivorian people to forget the war. “.
In the north, the same people in extreme excitement. Otara living by selling CD, said: “Drogba was born in the south, Di births in the north, if they are not the players, if any of them a place to meet outside the stadium, but will beat them in court. , they are all Ivorians, they were for the same team, the same honor and struggle. ”
Football is great. On Saturday, all the Ivorian players including Didier Drogba, including both appeared on television, called on all the Ivorian people to lay down their arms, to build a better home. Drogba had done everything they can do, because they have a special power, as Drogba before the game puts it:. “We must win, because our people need it.”duanmuyajuan02