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fIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins needs to be a great app, where there are plenty of Android and iOS users who feel it’s this. However, over the months because the app released we’ve been documenting issues reported by users, some of them complaining about EA servers. Each and every time an update happens develop the particular troubles should have been smoothed out, but FIFA 15 UT server problems keep annoy and then we always receive comments about it from readers.

Latest research by we informed readers in the latest iOS app version update bringing Club Owner content. Again we hoped that it would also bring further fixes that are desperately needed, but several days for this doesn’t seem the case. On December 9th FIFA 15 UT for Android was also updated, but just as before because update individuals are still reporting problems.

While there are numerous minor issues being reported, just about the most common complaint regards connection difficulties. For virtually so long as we can remember FIFA 15 Ultimate Team users are actually criticizing EA due to the server issues, in order to be frank we can’t discover how EA still hasn’t had reached grips on this. During the last week because latest round of updates with the mobile apps, more emails and comments from my readers remain coming in.

Meanwhile for the App Store description in the iOS app one acutely affronted commenter wrote, I try to accept why EA sports would absolution fifa15 if their are so abounding glitches. Afterwards spending weeks architecture up your aggregation and affairs FIFA points, I absent these items afterwards getting bound outside the bold because of accepted difficulties with abutting to Facebook. Afterwards spending addition brace of weeks rebuilding my aggregation I was told the Facebook affair was anchored but afterwards abutting I absent all my fifa players and jinnianhaiyouyigeyue

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